Vintage Garden Decor Container gardeners take note. Tired of clay pots? Think vintage, because when you do, there’ll be lots to choose from. Most likely vintage items will be worn and chipped which will only add charm to your garden.

Shop around and you’ll find dining-room furniture to suit not only the space you have available but the style of your home and your budget. Dining-room furniture often outlasts other furniture in a home – a sofa and armchairs may

Some have the natural born talent while most others take time to learn the skill. Some can see how colors blend perfectly like coffee and milk. It’s interior designing. But you don’t have to be a fine arts graduate or

The types of common house plants fall under 4 categories. Most folks are always looking for easy care no fuss no mess type of house plants. There is no such thing. Fake plants are an option but they also require

After leaving the parental home you strive to build another new world, and often think how this works and what decisions will be taken. Some now fear, while others just can’t wait to go buy all new housing. However, not

One of the most versatile, easy to use and imaginative accessories for your garden is the stepping stone. From their original use as a functional yet decorative way to delineate a path through ornamental gardens, stepping stones are now considered

The various furniture, bed, wallpaper and lighting is an integral part when it comes to designing a more romantic setting for a bedroom, and for most designers, choosing more vibrant colors and lighting is the main key for a romantic

When I started my vertical garden, it was a small affair, just a few herbs like basil, mint and Rosemary. Then I added cherry tomatoes, sweet peppers and burpless cucumbers and my garden has now expanded to plants on Shepard