In past centuries, stained glass panels were used to create pictorial stories in cathedral windows and tell stories from the Christian texts. The portrayal of biblical stories and other symbols in stained glass is a time honored tradition. Today, there

Are you someone who loves modern designs? If you are, you might have designed your house with modern style; modern furniture, modern lighting, modern paintings, modern sinks and even modern kitchen faucets. If you think it is about time you

Modern Dining Room Lights Ideas. The dining table is in a perfect position and the table is set with beautiful china. What is left to do? The only thing remaining is to choose the dining room lights. Your light fixture

Now that the fall harvest is upon us it’s time to start preparing for winter and then spring! In an earlier post we talked about how solar light tubes are great for indoor gardens, in this post we will talk

Home is the space you have to relax after a long day, but if it’s cramped and messy, you’ll never find these zen. That is, unless you invest your mind to think that your room is bigger than it seems.

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas. The Scandinavian look is a bright, airy style that makes you feel like you can breathe easier just by stepping into it. This look is carefully constructed to give the illusion of light and sprang from

Luxurious living room spells different to everyone but each of us has a common notion of what is luxurious and not. While some people’s standards of luxury are more inclined to overdoing the décor, design, and theme of the living

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee, with or without sugar, whatever the kind of coffee and the one that serves the fresh air of a rainy morning is the best medicine for all our worries and problems. But

When you speak about various designing styles for your kitchen, the 1st thing that arrives to your brain is the retro kitchen style. The ideal part about this designing style is that it is the ideal blend of the contemporary