25 Decorating to Discourage Winter Blues

Melancholy washed over me last week as I took down my cute, apartment-size Christmas tree, packed away my ornaments and decorations, and returned them to their resting spot in my basement storage unit. Once bedecked in festive holiday gear, my apartment suddenly seemed barren and dull. Talk about a letdown.

But it didn’t last for long. I decided to rescue my living space from the winter doldrums by adorning my sofa with a bold new throw, topping my wood entertainment center with a candle display, and displaying the new dishes I got for Christmas. Here are a few other ideas for discouraging the winter blues at home:

Hot hues. Take the chill out of the season by adding a vibrant new color into your decorating scheme, perhaps by painting an accent wall or simply adorning sofas and chairs with punchy pillows. 2009 brings a variety of luscious color trends, such as yellow, purple, hot pink, sapphire, rich brown, orange, and more.

Going green. As I type this, I’m admiring the hearty spider plant perched atop my desk. While the mounds of brown grass outside my window aren’t exactly a pleasant sight, my houseplant’s long, variegated leaves perk me right back up.

In a variety of unique colors and shapes, indoor plants and herbs are an easy way to enliven your indoor décor-especially if they’re housed in a pretty pot or planter-and satiate your green thumb during the winter months. They also improve indoor air quality.

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