39 Cute Pink Bedroom for Kids

Love pink? Want it for your girl’s bedroom, or even maybe yours?

Whether you are decorating for yourself, a little girl, or a teen, pink is a very trendy and cute color to work with, and there are lots of items on the market for girls’ bedrooms that are either pink, or will coordinate with pink.

If you’re starting your decorating from scratch, or already have pink or matching walls, a good place to begin might be with your bedding set. Once you’ve chosen what you like, you can build the rest of the room around the bed set.

Preteens and teens tend to love hot pink, which is a very popular color. You can find bedding sets with neon colors, like pink, purple, green, and yellow; geometric patterns; hearts; peace signs; floral; zebra stripes; you name it.

If you haven’t chosen paint colors for the room yet, just match one or more colors in your bedding set, go a couple shades lighter, or choose an accent color. Accent colors complement the main colors but aren’t predominant. They are usually opposite; for example, an accent color to hot pink would be lime green. Accent colors look great on walls, but be careful not to overdo it. Maybe paint one wall an accent color, then the rest, a shade of pink, or a neutral color, like white.

Pink has long been a universal girls’ color for little girls, and it still is. But pink is also very stylish for big girls too, and it’s a really fun color with which to decorate any girl’s bedroom.

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