Boho style in all its beauty is the most popular home decor style right now, whether you pair it with mid-century modern, vintage, contemporary or rustic. If you are puzzling over how to pull off such decor in your home

Creating a boho chic living room means creating an absolutely different and your personalized atmosphere. Actually, the best feature of this style is that you can use any art pieces, your own works and mix colors ad you wish. Bohemian

Purple is often connected with wealth, peace, independence, luxury and power. The function of living room as the heart of your home needs to be completed with the color of purple. This color will boost the power of family togetherness

Brown is lightly but deeply incredible versatile color which creates a sense of comfort and calm for any living room. Although, brown is not as trendy as blue or white counterparts. To beautify your living room in brown you may

Bohemian decor trend has been around for many years and it is become everyone’s favorite. This style gives your space a cozy atmosphere. The layered eclecticism and the lived-in feel. Bohemian style gives you freedom and can lead your room

  Rustic style can be very varied and interesting, it combines very well with other styles from minimalist to coastal. This style is perfect not only for country house but also for modern apartments because it makes any space extremely

It’s rather chilly outside and sometimes we don’t feel comfortable with that. To raise your mood and feel warm you can spruce up your home for winter making it cozier and more inviting, so that your spirits raised immediately when

Old outdated light fixtures which look ancient or plain ugly? Not enough light to do anything? You shouldn’t have to suffer in the dark! Get some new and bold lighting to get enough light and add a chic touch to